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Transit Operations Planning

PGH Wong’s OnTrack Simulation Suite Software gives our clients the power to evaluate and optimize transit operations and signaling systems.

For both existing installations and new planning, the OnTrack Simulation Module can be used to plan normal operations as well as evaluate alternatives required by construction and other service disruptions. With the OnTrack Signaling Module, engineers can analyze current signaling performance and evaluate alternatives.

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Solving the DC Load-Flow Problem

The OnTrack Power Module works in conjunction with the Simulation Module to evaluate the performance of a traction power system, facilitating design of the electrical distribution system and substations. Voltages, currents, and power draws associated with all system elements (including the positive and negative returns) can be computed for realistic train and substation-out-of-service operating scenarios.

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To learn more about the OnTrack Simulation Suite, download this Overview.

Thinking About the Future

PGH Wong thinks strategically about the future of infrastructure and environment. When a client needs to consider the future, the next 10 years, the next 20 plus, and beyond, we can help develop a strategic plan.

Planning And Feasibility Services