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  • Hayward Maintenance Complex Plans 1
    Hayward Maintenance Complex Plans 1
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    Hayward Maintenance Complex Plans 2

At A Glance

  • Client

    San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)
  • Estimated Value

    $400 Million
  • Location

    Hayward, California
  • Role

    Prime Consultant providing Engineering Services

Project Description

The Hayward Maintenance Complex (HMC) is a vehicle maintenance and storage facility located on the A-Line.  The HMC Project is a major program to expand and renovate the HMC storage tracks and maintenance facilities in order to maintain, accept, store, and test new vehicles and provide increased flexibility for operations and maintenance.  Having completed the conceptual and preliminary designs of building renovations and additions, PGH Wong performed the final design for the Civil, Site, and Trackwork Contract  and the 160,000 square foot Component Repair Shop.  Design services encompassed civil, electrical, systems, structural, mechanical, industrial, and architectural disciplines.  This Project is one of three projects known as the “Big 3” that BART has prioritized to address BART’s ability to meet current and future ridership growth.



Key Features

  1. Identified as one of BART’s three biggest priorities in its 2014 Report to Congress.
  2. The HMC Expansion and Renovation Project will provide storage for an additional 250 vehicles.
  3. The 160,000 sq. ft. Component Repair Shop will be BART’s largest, most advanced maintenance facility.