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At A Glance

  • Client

    San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)
  • Estimated Value

    $500 million
  • Location

    Pittsburg & Antioch, California
  • Role

    Prime Consultant providing Project Management and Engineering Services

Project Description

eBART is a cost-effective alternative to conventional BART to alleviate much of the traffic congestion along State Route 4.  It extends from the existing Pittsburg/Bay Point BART Station to the City of Antioch.  PGH Wong performed the conceptual, preliminary, and final design of the Project which includes a 10-mile alignment, variable-width guideway, transfer platform, two passenger stations, six grade separations, bridges, operating systems, maintenance-of-way access tunnels, a pedestrian overcrossing bridge, a maintenance facility, an operations control center, signals, and communications, as well as specifications for the procurement of DMU vehicles.  The two passenger stations will be located at Hillcrest Avenue in the City of Antioch and at Railroad Avenue in the City of Pittsburg.  In addition, PGH Wong is providing construction support services to the Project including design support, office engineering, and systems integration services.

Key Features

  • This Project includes the widening of State Route 4, 10-miles of double-track, a maintenance facility, new transfer platform, and two new passenger stations.
  • The new maintenance facility is projected to be BART’s first LEED certified facility.
  • Independently-propelled cars known as Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) will operate on an exclusive, standard-gauge rail guideway located in the SR-4 median.