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PGH Wong Engineering, Inc.’s highly qualified and knowledgeable team is the driving force of our success. PGH Wong’s approach to project delivery is passion, innovation, invaluable lessons-learned, and the dedication of some of the best professionals in the country. PGH Wong’s expertise is derived from its leadership and experience on innovative projects in the United States such as the first modern fully-automated heavy rail transit system for the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART), the first modern light rail transit system for the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), and the state-of-the-art fully-automated people mover system at the San Francisco International Airport. Today, PGH Wong is leading the delivery of projects such as the nation’s first high-speed rail system, the California High-Speed Rail and terminal improvements and expansions at San Francisco International Airport. Each day, PGH Wong’s professionals strive to deliver best-in-class infrastructure services.


Aviation Expertise

Program/Project Management with an Air of Innovation

From delivering award-winning airport terminals under budget and ahead of schedule to building America’s first Fully-Automated People Mover without disrupting normal airport traffic, PGH Wong partners with airports to tailor projects to the confinements of active and complex airfields.  We work with a diverse group of stakeholders to create innovative contract delivery methods for complex construction under even the most strict time and budget confines.


Infrastructure Expertise

Connecting Today to the Future

Today’s infrastructure is no longer a silent asset; it needs to be adaptable, reliable, dynamic, and scaleable.  From waterlines to telecommunications, we build the lifeblood of our cities.  Our agile teams of engineers, architects, and construction managers thrive in challenging, multi-stakeholder environments that demand unorthodox thinking and leave no room for error.


Hotel Image

The Guest Experience – A Sense of Place Away from Home

PGH Wong has a passion for iconic projects that impress and welcome their visitors. Hospitality infrastructure combines the public statement of a grand building with the intimacy of a private space in an unfamiliar city. Leveraging our program management skills and expertise, PGH Wong continues to identify opportunities for new businesses and establish new client relationships. Our team understands the exacting standards of the industry’s leading operators while working in demanding environments that require aggressive schedule management and close coordination. The ultimate goal is the perfect combination of technology, sustainability, comfort, and value that create a sanctuary for travelers away from home.


Technology Expertise

Traditional Business Model Backed by Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology and innovation are at the heart of everything PGH Wong does. From developing our own best-in-class program management/construction management software for improved transparency to deploying mobile computing systems and aerial reconnaissance systems, our goal is to continually seek better ways to improve our services. Our results figure directly into the success for our clients – on schedule and on budget – managed without surprises, robust protection against claims, and records that intelligently provide pertinent information at one’s fingertips.


Transit Expertise

Expand Mobility by Shrinking the Time to Travel

As one of the leading transit firms in the United States, PGH Wong’s mission is to expand mobility to reduce travel time. From conceptual studies to design, project management, and construction management services, PGH Wong is largely influential in developing today’s increasingly sophisticated transit systems. PGH Wong has a passion for implementing transit systems as a sustainable means to improve the social, economic, and environmental conditions of the cities that we live in, and every day we work to build the future of our communities.

Comparison Of Force Diagram

Optimize Transit Operations Through Cutting-Edge Simulation

PGH Wong’s OnTrack Simulation Suite Software can simulate and evaluate transit operations and signaling systems including both AFTC and CBTC. For both existing installations as well as new planning, the OnTrack Simulation Module is used to plan operations as well as alternatives required for rehabilitation and other service disruptions. The OnTrack Signaling Module is also used to evaluate signaling alternatives and performance.

To learn more about the OnTrack Rail Simulation Suite, download this Overview.

Voltage Vs Distance

Plan Tomorrow’s Transit Electrical Systems

The OnTrack Power Module of the OnTrack Simulation Suite is used to perform Load Flow Analysis for Traction Power/Electrification Systems. It is used during feasibility studies, conceptual, preliminary, and final engineering to determine (1) the state of a traction power/electrification system in terms of voltage conditions, power loading, and energy consumption, and (2) ratings, locations, and loadings of traction power/electrification substations under various abnormal operating conditions involving combinations of substation (e.g. an outage of an adjacent substation or a portion of a substation), or unusual train operations.